Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It's a....

Once again, time has gotten away from me. About 20 minutes after posting my last update, my computer died :( I've had my beloved Powerbook for about 5 years and the only problem I've ever had is that the power cord keeps getting tripped over or the computer gets dropped and the power cord gets bent. We've replaced it twice, but I knew that one day the power cord would be the death of me, and, unfortunately, that day has come. Part of the cord broke off inside the computer. It's too far inside for us to remove. Hopefully one day we'll get around to playing with it and maybe luck will be on my side and we will be able to save it, but for now, it's sleeping. Which also means I've lost about a years worth of pictures of Rosemary and haven't uploaded any new pics since March. Oh this makes me sad. So until I get around to setting it up so I can upload pics onto Joe's netbook, I'm only going to do quick updates with big news.

Sooooo........ we had our 20 week ultrasound last week, and Rosemary is going to have a little brother! Both Joe and I felt all along that it was going to be a boy, so it really came as no surprise (we both have pretty good intuition it seems!) but actually getting used the the reality that this baby isn't going to have cute little pigtails and pretty dresses has been weird! I guess I need to learn boy things. It seems we'll have to start adding cars to our toy collection and choosing a haircut for our little boy. The doctor also said it looks like I might be a little further along than the dates we were given so it's possible Baby Boy will celebrate his birthday in September. Who knows- maybe he'll share his birthday with his cousin Malachite!

Rosemary was recently switched to a transition bed. Her crib is convertible so we have it in the "daybed" mode. It's been an adjustment for her and we often find her asleep in her doll cradle, on top of the toy box, or in the middle of the floor since she can now get out of bed on her own. It's super cute and would be even cuter if I could post a picture of it ;) We've also started potty training. It's a work in progress. I'm starting earlier than I planned. Knowing she'll probably regress when Baby Brother comes, I wasn't going to push it, but lately she has not so delicately let me know that she might be ready. I'll spare you the details, but just know that I have cleaned up my share of poop and pee lately. It's been lovely (haha)! So hopefully things will progress with that and who knows- maybe we will only have to buy one set of diapers come October!

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