Friday, February 17, 2012

Rosemary Rayne

Four is a funny, funny year. Not only is Rosemary super smart, she's a super smarty-pants as well.

Background story: a couple weeks ago I spilled an entire mug of coffee on the computer, resulting in a panic. The screen went blank, I disconnected and removed all sources of power, and turned it upside down to dry until Joe got home and took it all apart, cleaned it, and brought it back from the dead.

So, now back to today. Rosemary spilled her milk twice. The second time she knocked it off the table, soaking the chair and area rug with milk. As I'm scolding her for being careless, she notices that I am drinking a cup of coffee.

Rosemary: Mommy, you have to be careful and hold your coffee with two hands.

Me: I'm an adult and I'm [here's where I see where she's going, so I proceed with hesitation] know how to hold my coffee cup.

R: Not always. Remember when you spilled your coffee on the computer? [then she mimics me taking a sip of coffee with one hand, dropping the cup, and innocently saying "oops."]

What a stinkpot!

Then a few minutes later I caught her doing this:

Rosemary: "Mommy, I think I'm already a sunbeam for Jesus because I smile so hard:"

I'm guessing they were talking about "sunbeams for Jesus" at school today. She's cracking me up today!

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  1. she DOES look like a sunbeam ;) I'm finding Leah has those moments of naughtiness followed quickly by amazing it a girl thing? (Not that Rosemary was being naughty :) ) Girls are funny :)

  2. Oh yes! Girls are a different breed of human! Just wait!