Sunday, March 11, 2012

Race weekend

Last weekend was the inaugural Gasparilla Race Weekend in our household! Well, technically it started the weekend before. Rosemary ran her very first children's race! Check out my baby girl and her awesome running capabilities!

Unfortunately, I was horribly sick that weekend so I couldn't be there (there is no way to explain how incredibly sad I was to miss this. She had been talking about it for months and was so excited.) But Joe was awesome and took lots of good pictures for me. Here's my baby girl and her very first finisher's medal! Note the blue gatorade mouth!

Last Saturday was my turn. I ran my longest run ever- 15k!!!! 9.3 miles!!! Rosemary brought her medal so we snapped this awesome picture after I finished!

Last Sunday was Joe's turn. His very first half marathon!!!! We couldn't be prouder of him! The morning started completely ominous. A dangerous storm that had apparently taken some lives north of here was headed to the area and we were afraid the race would be a tragic disaster or cancelled. But someone must have told the rain storm to go away because the race started on time and Joe was able to finish his first halfathon! It was COLD! The runners were coming back in with silver warming blankets to keep off the chill. The kids and I stayed warm inside the Convention Center while we waited and decorated his sign that we greeted him with when he came in.

We even got cool flair for our cars. You bet I'm displaying that 15K magnet and Joe is rocking his 13.1 magnet! We earned those babies!!! I wanted a picture of all three of us with our medals, but it just didn't happen. Joe's medal was by far the most awesome- it was a pirate skull and cross bones with a moveable jaw! Awesome!!!

I am so proud of my family! We have come so far this past year! Joe was just running 5Ks and I was walking the mile with the kids in the double stroller last year at this time. And now Joe is running half marathons, I'm running 15Ks, and Rosemary is running her own children's races! I'd say we have a lot to be proud of this year!

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