Monday, July 16, 2012

Summer fun

This summer has gone by WAY too fast! I was afraid I would lose my mind once Rosemary was out of school, but it turns out we haven't had much down time at all. And I haven't taken many pictures, even though there have been a million important things to take pictures of. Xander's baptism, for one. I didn't get any pictures and even though I've requested that people send me some, no one has yet, so, no pics for now. The week after Xander's baptism left me kidless. Yes, a whole week without kids! Not only that, but Joe was out of town for most it! I worked on house stuff- yes there was more than enough house stuff that needed to get done to last a whole week. So while I was at home regrouting my bathroom and tearing up my backyard, the kids were at grandma's house doing something like this:

They had a ball playing at grandma and grandpa's house! I just realized these pictures posted out of order and I'm too tired to fix it. So this will be all over the place.

While my family was here for Xander's baptism, the cousins got to play. Aren't they adorable? Rosemary and Xander love Malachite!


Now back to grandma and grandpa's house. After a week, Joe and I joined the kids in PV. We got a little vacation out of it. We also celebrated out 10th wedding anniversary!!! Yes, 10 years!!!! In honor of the special occasion, we had a vow renewal celebration on the beach. I always regretted not getting married on the beach. It was always my dream to get married on the beach and since we didn't do it on our wedding day, we always said we'd renew our vows one day. So, we did! Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures (yet) of the actual vow renewal. But here's Joe and I afterwards when we went out for a celebratory drink with our amazing friends who joined us!

Note: I have been trying to come up with an excuse to wear a fascinator ever since Prince William and Princess Kate tied the knot and decided this was the perfect time. Unfortunately, it just didn't go with the outfit. So I wore it out that night. Sorry for the blurry pics. My camera phone sucks.


 Here we are, actually the night before. We started the evening at the San Sebastian Winery. Unfortunately, once again, I didn't get any pics. I need pics people!!! After that we went out to another bar for another drink or two. It was amazing to spend time with our friends, who we rarely get to see altogether in one place at one time. And since most of them don't really know each other it was really a special night for us to be able to spend time with so many people who are important to us. I wish we had a pic of the winery, because there are some important people missing from this shot!


 Back to the kids... Back at home...

After 2 weeks at grandma's house, we took the week off when we got home. No playdates. No plans. No schedules. Just the three of us. It was a delightful week with a lot of tea parties!

Rosemary only looks like she's scowling because my camera phone sucks. She was very happy when I took the picture. This particular tea party lasted about an hour, or maybe even longer. I love my kids. Oh, and Rosemary wore this tiara every day this week. Including when we left the house. And for some reason people liked to comment that she must be a "queen." They don't know what they're talking about. She's obviously a princess. :)

 The kids also loved playing outside a lot this week. I have the cutest pictures of them playing in the kiddie pool, but Xander was in his birthday suit and try as I might, I just couldn't get an appropriate angle. But I did manage to get this cute one of the two of them in our hammock!

Staying at grandma and grandpa's house was really good for the kids. For all of us. The two of them bonded like nobody's business! And Rosemary has told me everyday since we got back that she loves me as much as she loves God and Jesus. And since she has more faith in her pinky finger than anyone else I know has in their entire soul, that is a big compliment! Their vacation also allowed me to work on things around the house that have been driving me absolutely bonkers and just can't get done when they're around.  I hope I get more pictures of all the big things that happened over the past few weeks- the baptism, the vow renewal, the trip to the Bed and Breakfast. Oh yes, there were so many more things that happened over the past few weeks (house flooding, drains being replaced, dryer breaking, garage door breaking, roof shingles falling off, tropical storms, worst rainy season ever...) But I'm kind of glad that I don't have any pictures of those for this post. I think this post is all about the little things that have been going on. And really, the big things are nice and memorable (well, the house falling apart really isn't so nice, but it is memorable!). But the little things pass so quickly. And they make us who we are. And I love who we are.
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