Monday, March 17, 2014

St. Patrick's Day 2014

I don't post a lot here, but lately I've had a lot of random thoughts that I don't feel are facebook-appropriate so I decided I'm going to start posting them here instead so as to not incite the facebook judgment group.

I realize as a stay at home mom I should be the good wife and prepare amazingly cutesy green and rainbow-covered meals for my family today and have a case of assorted Irish beer waiting for my husband when he gets home so he can rest his weary feet after working all day to support our family. And I suppose I should be wearing a pressed linen dress, have my hair, face, and nails all perfect, and oh- I probably should have showered today! Thank God Joe loves me for me and thank God he brought home the beer and doesn't mind that I smell like wet dog, made english muffin pizzas for dinner, and when he walked in the house our three kids (Marbles is a kid now) were off the chart crazy! Not saying I didn't get a crapton accomplished today, I just did none of those things. We may not be a glamourous family but I think I'll keep us. Maybe I'll rub Joe's feet later. Who am I kidding? He knows he'll be rubbing my neck (I have a medical excuse).

OH! I haven't updated in ages! We have a dog now. I think a detailed udpate is in order soon.

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