Monday, September 7, 2009

Making a home

I've gone without a digital camera with working flash for the majority of the summer. I didn't mind so much in the beginning because I figured I could still take pictures outside and we had Joe's super duper Nikon to take the good shots. But then today I was looking at pictures of my beautiful Rosemary that were taken in the past couple weeks and realizing how much I'm missing! She's almost 21 months old now and every day she seems to leave the baby stages behind a little more and embrace her ladyhood. So I'm prioritizing our spending and have decided the time has come to invest in a new camera. This will also mean more pics on here of all the lovely little things I'm doing around the house. In the past couple weeks I rearranged the guest/craft room, cleared off clutter from the entertainment unit in the living room and added some picture frames and other clutter-free decor, rearranged furniture, and in general have made the house more liveable. I've also decided that this blog should be about more than just the house. I found so many inspiring blogs about people clearing clutter from their lives and homes and pushing aside the materialism that our society is so consumed with to focus on the important things- most importantly, family. So this blog will be about all the little ways that I'm making my house a home.

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