Sunday, January 17, 2010

Just a typical Sunday

This has ended up being a pretty fun family weekend. Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera ready to go so I missed Rosemary's first geo-caching adventure. We went to two places around here, and found one micro-cache. It's so funny to hear Rosemary say "I like geocaching!" Maybe she has a future as a cartographer, or an anthropologist, or a city planner. Someone who uses GPS!

I also got a little gardening done. I cleared a tiny part of our yard that was affected by the recent freeze (and a few months worth of neglect). I still have over half the yard left, but it felt good to get as much finished as I did! I have more plans for a spring butterfly garden and I cleared out the bed where it will hopefully go, so that was good.

This morning we went to a birthday party for one of Rosemary's boyfriends. It was a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse themed party. I wish I took pictures! Rosemary got her nose painted like Minnie Mouse! She had a lot of fun, too.

I spent much of the weekend preparing for a Winnie-the-Pooh themed playdate I'm hosting tomorrow. Anyone who has known me for any length of time might think their eyes are playing tricks on them, but you aren't seeing things. I said Winnie-the-Pooh. Yup, I'm a mommy now. I host Winnie-the-Pooh playdates. It is A.A. Milne's birthday. See, it's all related to literature. That's not much of a stretch for me ;) I'll try to get some pictures tomorrow so you can see the craft I have planned for the kiddos!

I thought these pictures were kind of funny. This was Joe and I working tonight.

He is so seriously focused on his big engagement.

I am so seriously focused on cutting out Winnie-the-Pooh heads.

You might notice the paint splotches in the background. We are FINALLY picking out paint for the living/dining room. I think we're going to paint the hall as well so most of the house is one color. The two colors we're choosing between are Behr's Gobi Desert and Harvest Brown. They are so similar it's really hard to tell which one we like better. Lighting makes a huge difference. I'm hoping we'll get the house started next week so I'll post pictures! I can't wait! After we paint we can add little decorating touches. I'm thinking some teal would be nice. I can't wait to get this house all finished and cozy on the inside! Yay!

Here's a little picture from earlier in the week. I took Rosemary to the aquarium with our playgroup. I finally figured out how to turn my flash off so I get pictures of the fish!

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