Monday, March 7, 2011

Hand sanitizer princess

I picked up some candles at Target today. On the way home I noticed my car smelled yummy. Thinking it was the candles, I was glad I bought them and felt better about that little impulse buy. Then I go to get Rosemary out of her car seat and she had a big smile on her face and says "mommy, smell my hair!" I touch it and it is soaking wet and smells like Bath and Body Works Sweet Pea. She had emptied almost an entire bottle of hand sanitizer on her head. When she saw my reaction, she started to cry and told me she just wanted pretty hair. It took a while to convince her that I wasn't mad, but that she should not do that. When daddy got home and I told him the story, she told him she wanted to be the hand sanitizer princess. at least my car smells good.
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  1. *chuckle* That's so adorable! So glad she didn't get it in her eyes!