Monday, March 28, 2011

Xander 6 month update

Xander had his 6 month check up today and I'm happy to say he checked out well! My little guy looks to us like he has grown a ton over the past month, but he's still trucking along around the 25-30th percentiles, except for his head which is a whopping 70th percentile! He is 26 inches long and 16.2 pounds! And what a sweetie- he didn't even cry during the vaccines! I have never seen anything like it. He started to whimper a bit, but then had the yummy oral vaccine and was perfectly happy. He ended up sleeping for long enough for me and grandma (my parents are in town visiting after our Disney weekend, which I will post about when Joe gets his pics up) to head over to the mall where I got my first haircut since getting pregnant with Xander! I added in some long layers so it'll grow out nicely. He's pretty cranky tonight, though, which was to be expected. Poor little guy has some teeth that the pediatrician said should pop out within the next couple weeks and his little legs are tender from the shots so he has plenty to fuss about. I hope he's feeling better tomorrow!
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  1. I'm so glad that he did so well! Can't wait to see you Saturday. Give my love to your parents.