Monday, April 11, 2011

My latest attempt at positive parenting

I have been making a lot of difficult, and quite drastic changes in our household. Things haven't been running as smoothly as I would like. We finally have Xander sleeping in his own crib, waking up usually only once to eat, and one night sleeping 10 hours straight without waking up. This was essential as we are all getting over a nasty flu-bug that invaded this house over the past couple weeks and a good night of interrupted sleep- my first in about 15 months, since I first got pregnant with x- really helped me through the worst of it. As for Rosemarys frequent meltdowns, I have several changes in place. One is this new sticker tree I made for her. So far I've had 2 hours without a meltdown, which, sadly, is the longest we've gone in a while. Let's hope this helps for a while.
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  1. She is so beautiful, and I love the sticker tree idea! Glad you got some much needed rest!

  2. I love the tree. Can't wait to hear how it goes! And yay for Xander sleeping through the night!!

  3. Love the tree - I hope it's encouraging for her to stay on the right track!!