Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter part one

The most recent holiday tradition in our family is for me to host Easter. Sticking with my New Year's resolution of making our family more active, I signed us all up for our first annual 5K! Joe and my dad ran the 5K while the rest of us walked the 1 mile. Next year I think I'm going to attempt the 5K. I can do it!

The little ones pretty much hung out in the stroller the whole time, but did a really good job!

After the 5K, us ladies went to a local nail salon and got our nails done. This was Rosemary's first manicure! Spoiled little girl. I think I was 18 before I had my first professional manicure! She was so cute. She did so well while the lady painted her fingers. My little princess!

While the grandma's got their feet done, Rosemary and I headed to Target for my favorite mommy-daughter date: Starbucks!

Later that evening, we headed back to the house and settled in for dinner and to rest up for the next day's festivities! (To come in a future post)
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  1. Love the pictures! Can't wait for the stories!