Sunday, November 1, 2009

The many adventures of the Bailey family

Joe and I were avid travelers before embarking on this fascinating journey called "Parenthood." While we traded touring castles in the Bohemian countryside for exploring the kid's museums in our own backyard and wine tasting in St. Goar for milk shopping trips to Super Target, that doesn't mean we can't occasionally venture out and explore the great outdoors for a super awesome family vacation! We don't even need to leave the country this time! We're heading up north to St. George, near our former dwelling place in Tallahassee, for a camping trip extroidinaire! We're packing up one tent, three sleeping bags (including one really cool Popple sleeping bag for Miss Romy on loan from our good friend Nikki), and a truckful of miscellaneous camping supplies and caravaning it up on Friday with four friends in tow. Hopefully I'll be updating soon with details of our trip, maybe complete with some pictures (still don't have that new camera, but my birthday is coming up). I haven't been this excited about anything in so long!!!

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