Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tangled and dresses!

We packed a lot into today! This morning we packed the family into my parents minivan and we headed out to the first showing of Tangled. Rosemary has been asking to see it for weeks and it finally started playing today so she was really excited! As is typical for her, she was scared through all of the cutesy parts and laughed when the action picked up and the movie got a little scary. She has her fears backwards. Xander did amazing during his first trip to the movie theater. He slept the whole time!

Joes parents arrived today, bearing gifts for the little ones. As you can see in the picture, Rosemary had a good time opening her bag! Of course, her giant loot-filled bag wasnt enough, she wanted the shirt daddys parents got him instead!

And finally, I finished Rosemarys Thanksgiving dress tonight. I have made her one every year and I was so worried I would nt find the time to get it done this year. We made a special trip to Joann fabrics and let Rosemary pick out the material. It took me a couple weeks and all I had finished until we got to my parents house was washing and ironing the fabric. Tonight I put the finishing touches on the dress. It's reversible. On the one side is her handprint turkey and on other is nothing else but ballerina princesses for the self-proclaimed "princess of the princesses."
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