Sunday, February 13, 2011

Some pictures

Last year I made of goal of improving myself as a mother and made some promises to myself that have just recently started coming to fruition. I have been immersed in the world of playgroups since Rosemary was 2 months old. They have been a great support in helping me combat the loneliness of stay-at-home-momdom and I have made some great friendships. But there were some things that I have felt lacking since I started staying home. I've been trying to find some sort of spiritual support group, and this past week I found a moms circle at a church. It is a discussion group mostly based around books. I went to my first meeting on Friday and I am so hopeful that I will learn a lot from these women. The book they are currently discussing is "Building Better Families" and the questions brought up for discussion were things that I am constantly trying to improve in myself. It was very comforting to be around a group of moms of all ages and levels of experience and know that these are things so many people struggle with and work to improve in themselves. I'm hopeful that this group will help me to grow as a mother and wife and help provide some guidance where I need it most.

On that note, I'll leave you with some pictures I've taken recently with my phone.

I take pretty much any chance I get to snap a sibling photo, especially when they're both wearing their pajamas! Rosemary's favorite thing to do lately is to hold her baby (she always calls him "my baby" and sometimes I'm not so sure she doesn't believe it. She tells me she's his mommy.) I love his little pouty lip in this one!

These are the kinds of memories I want Rosemary to have of growing up. Inline skating in her princess dress and party hat.

I recently rearranged the patio furniture so there is more room out there for her to inline skate and move around and she is putting that space to good use.

We are headed to a Valentine playdate tomorrow with some of our friends and I saw this adorable idea on a website so I wanted to try it out. They used sticks of gum, but I used packs of Smarties. Rosemary has never had a Smartie before so I'm sort of dreading the rush of sugar that will come with this treat, but I thought it was a cute idea to share with her friends and was more fun than store bought Valentines! Plus, the whole thing only cost me $1 for a pack of Smarties because I had the rest of the materials at home! Rosemary helped me attach the heart-shaped "wings" to the body.

I love sleepy baby photos so I had to share this one of my sweet boy. He's growing out of all his clothes so fast! This is one of my favorite onesies of his. Our Nikki gave it to us before he was born and it's just so darn cute and perfect for my geek husband. We have so many photos of Rosemary in her favorite outfits, but not as many of this little boy so I wanted to take one before he outgrows it!

Stay tuned for a special Valentine's post tomorrow!
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  1. I can't wait to know where these were taken!!! But can I just say that I love your family?! :) I really hope that Brionna becomes friends with Rosemary and Xander!!

  2. I'm sure Rosemary can teach her a few things and Xander will try to kiss her ;)