Saturday, February 5, 2011


He's happy now. Isn't he cute?

The other day I was cleaning Rosemary's dollhouse and couldn't find the Xander doll. I looked all over until I finally found him under her dollhouse sink. I posted it on facebook and had some cute ideas speculating as to what he was doing there. One person suggested they were playing hide and seek. Another guessed he was fixing the plumbing. And another guessed that he found a creative spot for taking a nap!

Daddy joined in last night's tea party. You can see our assortment of "tea." I had my nursing tea. Rosemary had her chamomile/crystal light tea. And daddy had his Bud Light "tea." It was that kind of day.

And finally, today we went to a sweet little boy's second birthday party. Here is Xander modeling the cute birthday hats! I love this picture!

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