Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Xander is 8 months old!!!

I don't have any pictures to go along with this, but I just thought I'd do a quick update since it's been a while. Xander turned 8 months old yesterday! I really can't believe how fast he is growing up. I felt like it took forever for Rosemary to get through the first year but I feel like I blinked and he is already 3/4 of the way there. He is the sweetest baby boy in the world. I can't even believe it! Here are some of the highlights:

- He sleeps up to 12 hours at night, but has lately been waking up twice a night.
- His first two teeth are popping through. It's taken a while and the past couple days have been miserable. He has a runny nose, coughing, runny eyes, and sneezing. Rosemary had the same thing when she was teething, except for the coughing. It almost seems like he's gagging. It's very sad. I hope the teeth finish coming through and give him a break soon! And give me a break!
- He will take a 2 hour morning nap if we are home. If we are not home, he'll usually catnap in the morning and sometimes take a nap later in the day.
- He's starting to pull onto all fours to crawl, but he usually has one leg that gets stuck under him.
- He likes to stand. He won't pull himself up yet, but if I try putting him in front of a big toy, he'll grab on and stand holding it instead of sitting down and playing with it.
- He LOVES to eat. He's already eating three meals a day. At first I felt guilty because I'm not making his food like I did for Rosemary. But I'm over that! It's SO much easier buying baby food and there are so many more choices available now than there were even just 3 years ago! He eats oatmeal or rice cereal plus a fruit for breakfast, a veggie for lunch, and something like ham and pineapple or chicken and rice for dinner. It is SO much easier buying it! Thanks Gerber and Earth's Best and Beech Nut!
- He loves his big sister and she loves him! I love watching them play together. And it gives me a little time to clean (or waste time on the computer).


  1. I'll definitely have to get with you to find out the high quality pre-made baby foods that you have used with him. My goal is to make Brionna's food for her, but when I get back to work (ugh), I'm not sure if I'll be able to do it all the time. Maybe I'll make some things for her and buy pre-packaged stuff for the rest of the time - we'll see... but I definitely want to know my options. Any suggestions on where to start to do some research?

  2. I just buy what I have coupons for or what's on sale. There are plenty of organic options available by all the major brands. A month or so ago Target had cases on sale so I bought a couple of those. I also bought some a BJs. Just read the ingredients. Lots of the mac n cheese and other combination foods have so much stuff added to it- some is just vitamins and minerals but some I've never heard of so I avoid that. All the fruits and veggies that I've seen are just plain fruit or veggie and water.

  3. He's also trying to eat table foods already. I've given him some crackers and breadsticks and he loved munching on those! I was so cautious with Rosemary but I'm so much more relaxed this time!I'll probably start giving him tiny little pieces of cooked chicken or mushy veggies that I make for the rest of the family because he is more interested in my food than his right now!