Friday, June 24, 2011

Nine months old!!

My little man is 9 months old already!! I had his checkup today and he is 17 lbs 5 oz and 27 inches long. He has actually gone down in percentiles (from about 25th in both height and weight to 12th in height and 7th in weight) but he is perfectly healthy and I'm not worried. I'm surprised because I feel like he's gotten so big and I was sure he had jumped up in percentiles but I guess my little man just wants to remain little for a while longer! He is my sweet little angel and I am so in love with him. He is, for the most part, a pretty chill little baby. Here is a snapshot of my little man:

- he has 4 teeth- two top and two bottom, with more popping through

- he is a scooter. His favorite thing to do is chase the cat around the house! He is surprisingly fast so he usually catches him, too. Romeo is so good about it. He has never scratched him.

- he is starting to eat more table foods. His favorites seem to be sweet potatoes and crackers. And he makes the funniest faces when he eats quinoa!

- he is starting to stand up and cruise along furniture! I have a feeling he'll be walking before he crawls on all fours!

- he loves to explore. Gone are the days when I can sit him down and walk away. Now he will find his way into some kind of trouble- usually eating Cheerios I think he hides under our console! Ewww.

- he has the sweetest laugh and often snorts!! His smile had changed now that he has teeth and it cracks me up!!!! I can't tell you enough how in love with him I am. I want to eat him up!!
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