Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ten Months Old

My little man turned ten months old yesterday. Poor little guy celebrated it with a fever. He really doesn't feel well today. I hate seeing my baby sick but I know he's going to be ok. I have a feeling it's either roseola or will pass and we'll never find out what it is. But even though he's not feeling great, he managed to do the cutest things today! This morning I was blowing on his face. He did the usual cute baby face and then he blew on my face! Joe tried getting it on video but it was really hard to get the right angle. It looked like he was blowing raspberries and then he'd laugh. Later in the day he was imitating me making other funny noises. I did a sort of "uh, chh" sound. I can't really type it out, but he'd do it after me. It was so funny seeing this little guy making these funny sounds imitating me! Here's a little snapshot of what my little man has been up to this past month:

- Imitating everything! In addition to the funny sounds I make, I've heard him meowing at the cat, who he loves to chase around the house.

-He said "banana!" I tried getting him to say it again today, but he just wanted to eat it and wasn't in the mood to say it.

- He's eating pretty much everything at this point (except choking hazards of course). His favorite meal seems to be mini bowtie pasta, cooked chicken pieces, and green beans. And he loves ice cream! He also loves Baby Mum Mums. He's not a big fan of Cheerios or Puffs, but put a Baby Mum Mum in his hand and he's a happy camper.

- He is cruising all over the place and loves walking his dinosaur! He hasn't attempted standing on him own yet, but I have a feeling that's not too far away.

- He gets into EVERYTHING. Unfortunately, he seems drawn to the toilet bowl brush so I have to make sure to keep the bathroom doors closed or that will be the first place he heads. He's very independent and will happily play by himself until he gets hungry or tired. I'm not used to having such an independent baby and I often feel bad that I'm not giving him more attention, but he's so happy. While Rosemary could cuddle and read books with me all day, he'd much rather crawl around the house getting into things or climbing things.

- He loves the Fisher-Price Little People farm that was mine when I was little. It's in Rosemary's closet and he will happily sit in there and play with it all by himself. He mostly puts the little people in his mouth and opens and closes the barn doors, but he loves it and it will entertain him for a long time!

- He and Rosemary are playing together more and more. Unfortunately, I think she knows he's getting bigger and stronger and now she doesn't feel like she needs to be so gentle with him so she often knocks him over (not a problem on the carpet but when he hits his head on the hardwood it's enough to give me a little heart attack and make him cry). But he holds his own pretty well!

I'm already getting emotional about him growing up. I love the age he is now and I just wish I could freeze time. I can't get over how much faster it has gone with him. He is just a little angel.

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