Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I tried uploading some videos, but I guess it didn't work. While I get that sorted out, here are some recent photos of life in the B household!

Every baby needs a picture of themselves in the toy box:

Here's Rosemary's first day of school! We left the tiara, Pooh, and Piglet in the car.

I've been sick off and on all summer and Rosemary was so sweet. She got the measuring spoons out and made me some "medicine" and made sure I took 3 teaspoons a day. Maybe she'll be a doctor.

Here's Xander at the spraypark!

Joe was out of town last week so my mom came down to stay with me and we found some wax lips. We thought it would be funny to wear them while picking Rosemary up from school. She didn't find it so funny. But we thought we were hilarious!

We went shopping and found this adorable bumblebee costume. I couldn't resist. At least now I don't have to worry about what she'll be for Halloween! I'm thinking maybe Xander can be a bee hive. Or a honey pot. Or a spider. I'll keep working on that.

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