Sunday, January 23, 2011

Four months

Today is Xander's four month birthday. That means he is officially no longer a newborn. That means he no longer has that floppy head that needs to be constantly supported. That also means, and as I type this I hear angels singing and trumpets playing, that he has finally grown out of the colic!!!!!! I don't care what you want to call it- colic, reflux, or fussy baby, he has finally outgrown it! ALLELUIA!!!!!! ALLELUIA!!!! WOOOO HOOOOO!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!! Party time! Excellent! (My ode to Wayne's World). The past few weeks have been wonderful. I have a happy, smiley, giggly little boy. Here is a list of his favorite things:

- Mommy. I think I'm his favorite thing in the whole world. And I love it!

- Boobs. He won't take a bottle like Rosemary did so he loves my boobs. Rosemary calls them "bobs" and has been known to try feeding Max (the doll that Xander gave Rosemary when he was born) with her little boppy and my nursing cover. I think it's cute.

- The stuffed elephant that Rosemary gave him when he was born. He just recently took an interest in this toy. You pull its tail and it plays music. He likes to suck on the trunk.

- The star toy from Aunt Terra. It's this little start that has different sensory toys at each point. Some crinkle when you play with it, some are silky, one of them has a little squeaker inside. He loves it!

- Baby and Me class. He really loves laying under the parachute and playing peekaboo. He gets all giggly when the parachute goes up and he gets a big burst of air!

- His baby carriers. Just like Rosemary, he loves being carried. I have a Baby Bjorn, a Maya Wrap, and an Infantino Wrap and Tie and he loves them all. He also loves my arms.

- Bathtime. He loves taking baths. Either sponge baths or tub baths, he loves them. Sometimes if he's fussy, I just take him in the bathroom and he gets a big smile!

I love my happy little boy.

This video is from when Xander was about a couple weeks old. He was just learning how to hold his head up.

And here he is just a couple weeks ago testing out his exersaucer for the first time. I was holding my phone the wrong way and can't figure out how to flip it, so turn your head. lol. He was not impressed with the bird or lizard!


  1. They grow up too fast. :c( He's so cute!!!!! :c)

  2. Yay!! So glad he's out of the newborn stage!! He's so beautiful. I'm so glad that I got to hold him and that I have your mommy experience that I can pull from anytime I need advice.