Thursday, January 27, 2011

Polite Tea Party at Grandma's

I'm not sure why, but Rosemary calls our pre-bedtime tea party "polite tea." It's so cute. Tonight I had mothers milk tea while she had "polite warm milk tea" (really just a cup of warm milk.) She liked her tea so much that she had 3 cups! Now I know how to trick her into drinking her milk!

On another note, I made the drive to my parents house today to spend a few days with my sister and Malachite before they leave to go back to West Virginia. Actually, my parents met me halfway and we had lunch in Ocala, then my mom rode with meet the rest of the way to their house. It's a long drive and Xander hates the car, so it ended up being 5 hours (including the stop for lunch), at least 4 of which consisted of Xander screaming, and about thirty minutes of Rosemary getting fed up at telling him to stop it. So it was really nice to have my mom keep me company on the second half of the trip.

On yet another note, Xander's reflux, which hasn't been so bad lately, was horrible tonight. He was screaming in pain off and on for a couple hours. Poor little man. I haven't heard him this upset, and seen this much spit up, in a few weeks. Hopefully its just a bad night and not a new cycle of reflux.
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  1. maybe he was mad he didn't get some polite tea ;)
    sorry you had a rough night :(