Monday, January 17, 2011

Is this a hormonal thing?

That's what my sister said when I told her we were getting white sofas. I love them.

Added later: I wish I could get all fancy and add beautiful, artistic photos like all the lovely home decorating and mommy blogs I stalk, but alas, we're currently technologically impaired so my G4 photos from my beloved phone will have to suffice. I've been wanting to replace our red sofas since we moved into this house. I loved them as though they were my children, but then I actually had my own children, and bought a house and quickly realized they just didn't fit in our tiny little abode. If I was all fancy, I would post photos of our living room from the townhouse we rented before moving here where they looked all suave and contemporary and luxurious. But I'm not fancy, so I'll try to describe for you the reason for replacing these sofas. Small house. Two kids. No space for running around, floor puzzles, in-door games of tag, wii, etc. We needed the space. Plus, the contemporary look of the sofas just didn't work in this house and the lighting in here is so bad that the red color made it feel even darker, and therefore smaller. As I said, I loved those red sofas (actually one sofa and one lounge). We bought them before we even got married. They were our first big purchase and the only piece of furniture we've ever financed. I remember picking them out in the store. We had just moved into Oak Hill Apartments and had absolutely no furniture except a bed. So we were sitting on our living room floor until we found the time to go to the store and buy them. I slept on the couch almost every night during my pregnancy with Xander. It was much more comfortable than the bed and kept me propped up on my side more easily than pillows. But the time has come for them to be replaced. I've been eyeing the white, slipcovered Ektorp sofa since Ikea first opened here a couple years ago. But surely, I'd be insane to buy white sofas with two children. But still, I yearned for them. I longed for them. I dreamed of my cute little home all decor'd up (a phrase I coined) in a beachy, cottagey style ala Pottery Barn or Coastal Living Magazine. But with little children who like to paint, and eat, and not to mention potty training, I'd be insane to buy any white furniture! Right? And then I found this blog (I haven't asked permission to link her, but no one reads this except people I know, at least, I think no one reads this that I don't know about- make yourself known if you are there!). I felt as though reading that gave me permission to fulfill my dream of owning this white sofa (and the matching chair and storage ottoman). When we went to Ikea to make the purchase, I saw a coffee table book of beautiful "lived in" homes. The first home featured the white Ektorp sofa in a house full of little children. It's like we're joining a cult. The cult of white, slipcovered sofa owners with small children! I love my sofas. Are they going to get dirty? Of course. That's why I purchased an extra set of slipcovers. They get too bad? They go in the wash. And look at how spacious my living room looks! See where the area rug is in relation to the sofa- about a foot away? That's how much wider our red couch was. It's like we added a foot of space to our entire living room! A foot of space that will be greatly needed when X starts walking and I have two mobile children who do not have a play room in addition to our living room and therefore need that space for toys and games and, well, living. Oh, and next time mommy has a wii party I won't need to move my furniture around to play!

On another note, know anyone who needs a sofa, lounge, or coffee table? Direct them to our craigslist ads:
And be sure to tell them the pictures do not do them justice. Again, we are currently technology impaired and posting photos from our phones.
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  1. So elegant! I don't think I'm brave enough to do white. Forget about the kids, I'm a mess. I'll drop a Sharpie or spill a soda.

    I checked out your Craigslist ads. Do you deliver to Indiana? :c)

  2. Can't wait for our next wii party so we can play again!!!